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The Trust will consider applications for grants from charities registered in the United Kingdom, with preference being given to charitable organisations operating in Scotland


The Trust does not normally support:

  • Religious organisations
  • Political organisations
  • Retrospective grants
  • Student personal travel or expeditions
  • General appeals or mail shots

How to Apply for a Grant from the Trust

The Trust has an Application for Funding form which must be completed.

Please include concise information in the appropriate sections:

  • A description of the project / funding requirement – what you want to achieve and how it will be managed. The Trustees look for clear, realistic and attainable aims.
  • The expenditure budget for the project and the anticipated timescale.
  • Details of funds that have already been raised and what other sources are being approached.
  • What will be the benefits of the project and how you propose to monitor and evaluate whether the project has been successful.
  • If applicable, what plans you have to fund the future running costs of the project.

Please also submit 1 copy of your most recent annual report and audited accounts along with your completed application form.

Assessment Process

The Trustees usually meet twice per annum, in Spring and Autumn, to consider applications.

The window for new applications for the Spring 2024 meeting will close on 31st December 2023.

You may be contacted for more information or to arrange an assessment visit.

Grants vary, but most lie between £500 and £5,000.

Applicants should note that there is a limit to funds available and the Trustees reserve their right to exercise their absolute discretion at all times. Even if a project fits within the guidelines the Trustees may still decline to make a donation.

Time Bars

Successful applicants must pause for at least two years from the time of receiving a grant before reapplying.

Unsuccessful applicants must pause for at least one year from the time of being notified before reapplying.

Contact details of Trust Administrators

Dickson Middleton C.A., PO Box 14, 20 Barnton Street, Stirling FK8 1NE.

Telephone 01786 474718. Ask for Billy Russell or Alan Watson.

Additional Guidance and Feedback on Application Form completion

  • Please supply only the information specifically requested on the application form. Any surplus material or information may not be considered and could hinder the processing of your application.
  • The need for funding must be clearly demonstrated.
  • All applicants must complete the Trust’s application form and return it by post to the Trust administrators together with one copy of the charity’s latest Report and audited Accounts.
  • If a suitably completed application form is not received, the application will not be progressed or returned.
  • Any unsigned application forms will not be progressed or returned.
  • Application forms are only considered twice per annum. If, pending a decision from the Trustees, your organisations’ financial circumstances change or you achieve your funding target and you wish to withdraw or amend your application, please advise us as soon as possible.

To download a copy of our application form please click here

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